How to Stay Focused On Studying

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Almost everyone has the experience of being distracted on studying. With all the distractions around you, it can be hard to keep yourself focus and concentrate. We all have the ability to concentrate, eliminating the distractions beforehand is always the first step to take. I have some suggestions on how to prepare a studying space with less distraction.

Turn off your phone (Or put it away from your studying space) 
The smartphone is undoubtedly the biggest distraction of humankind not only while we are studying. Stay away the source of distraction is an easy and effective action to take.

Create a decent study area
De-clutter your space and prepare essential materials and stationery you need for studying. This reduces the chance of getting up from your chair to find a highlighter in the middle of studying. All the textbooks, notebooks, and papers you need (remember that syllabus) should be within arm's reach. This is quite literally a set-up for success.

Have a snack and water nearby
Keep some snacks nearby when you sit to study. It should be something nutritious, like a few nuts, blueberries/strawberries. Staying hydrated will increase your concentration abilities. Make sure you have clean and fresh water within your reach. Drinking water can improve the brain's ability to complete tasks that require a rapid response.

Take breaks
Research has shown that people: 1. Remember best when they study for shorter periods then recap and consolidate what they learned, as opposed to studying for longer periods.
2. Learn better at the beginning and end of a study period.
So, plan to study for about 30-45 minutes, review what you have learned, then take a five to 10-minute break. It's not laziness; it's letting your brain synthesize the information.

Following these tips, you will be able to study better. If you have any suggestions or techniques that you use and work for you, we encourage you to share it with us through our Instagram.

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