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I See Your True Colors! Featuring Tombow’s Fudenosuke Brush Pens

I See Your True Colors! Featuring Tombow’s Fudenosuke Brush Pens

Your favorite brush pen is back with a colorful treat! Tombow’s Fudenosuke brush pens now come in a variety of colors!

Brought to you by the brush pen brand that you love, Tombow maintains the qualities that set the trend.

The Fudenosuke brush pen gives a smooth touch to the surface, with its hard tip that makes it flexible and has a faster bounce-back. This allows you to have better control over the thickness of your strokes. 

Its water-based pigment provides great inkflow and coverage, packed with rich, vibrant colors! A great bonus is that you won’t have to worry about the ink bleeding through pages! Another plus is that it is water-resistant *wink* so you can send postcards even over the rain!

It also is fray-resistant! So you can have all the perfect lining and detailing for making your illustrations without the bothersome fringes that come from overuse. A must-have for beginners in hand lettering and calligraphy!

For its 2022 release, Tombow upgrades the Fudenosuke brush pen with water-based, pastel colored ink! It is both water- and light-resistant, which makes it endure through fading, and did I mention that it can write on black or dark-colored papers? Yup! With its pastel hues, you can maintain the vivid strokes on both white or dark papers. Yay! 

The Fudenosuke brush pen is ideal for journaling, calligraphy, and hand lettering because it is easy to control. It also gives you fine lines for when you need to maximize the narrow corridors of some paper sizes in journals. And with its hard tip, you will manage like a pro in creating the thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes for calligraphy. Regarding its design, it also is not super long it only measures 20.2 cm/ 8 inches, so you can definitely control it far easier than other pens to use in lettering.

But let’s not forget! The Fudenosuke brush pen is also a great pal for illustrations and inking projects! Especially with its colored variants, you can make your art pop to life in no time. 

You may select from a variety of standard palette sets to use for your drawings: Black, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Brown. While the pastel pens that can write on black papers are available in White, Lavender, Soft Pink, Pale Yellow, Light Green, and Light Blue!

Head straight onto StationeryPal to secure a pack of these goodies! Simply use the discount code “Birthday18” to get it for 18% off.

Go on! Happy writing!

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  • Diana

    Are there sets of Tombow Fudenosuke Colors Brush Pens, in the standard and pastel palettes? Or, do I have to order them 1 at a time. If I do what’s the best way to look them up?

    Thank you for your time
    DianaJo Dyer

    May 17, 2023
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