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Unlock 15% off sitewide with code "KAWAII15"
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🥰Karin Deco Brush Pen is the Real Thing Out There

🥰Karin Deco Brush Pen is the Real Thing Out There

Have you ever had a sip of quality coffee one morning and whispered to yourself, “This is the real thing.” Well, among all brush pens ever made, KARIN brush pens are the real thing. You would know it when you have it.

 ✍️KARIN has been in the game of stationery products since 1989. Contrary to its youth compared to its competitors, it has a fast-growing franchise all over the world. Committed to making your creative ideas become a reality, they manufacture products that are consistent with the latest technologies – not a single release will ever disappoint.

One of Karin’s stellar products is the Karin BrushMarker PRO – sleek, durable, and dependable. It comes in 84 different colors, with various tones and hues that you could blend. Available in seven collections with 12 colors each, you can choose among the Basic Colors, Passion Colors, Violet Colors, Nature Colors, Nude Colors, Grey Colors, and Pastel Colors. 

The packaging in itself is appealing and classy: a box with a magnetic tab to safekeep the pens inside and to keep them stored in an upright position. Moving on from the packaging, let’s dig in to what sets Karin BrushPen Pro from other brush pens in the market.

Liquid ink technology. Unlike other brush pens with a filter cartridge, Karin brush pens utilize 2.4ml of liquid dye ink. This maintains the vibrance of the colors and does not lose saturation regardless of how long you use it.

Nylon tips. Using felt tip brush pens could come as a struggle when using it against rough surfaces, such as papers and wood. With Karin Deco Brush Pen, the tips are made out of nylon. This means smoother strokes, more durable tips, and more controlled movements.

Blending made easier. Because of the liquid ink technology, the ink flows freely and in a more fluid transition. You can blend colors together, make transitions, and even transfer colors from one nib to another by connecting them together. The result is magical transitions and blending. Some sets also come with blenders that you can use to mix colors together and to adjust the hues by adding water.

The consistent opacity of these brush pens is a hit among many artists and consumers. It is one of the main reasons why Karin brush pens are a favorite option. It works well on calligraphies because of its shorter tapered, cone-shaped tip, which gives you more control and yields gracious strokes. – perfect for making final artwork pieces.

But don’t take my word for it! Give yourself a favor and purchase one of these Karin Deco Brush Pen by heading onto StationeryPal, look it up, add to cart, and check out! You could even get it for 15% off by using the promo code “Confetti15”.

Only then could you tell, “This is the real thing out there.” 😍

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