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Stationery Pal 2021 New Look

Stationery Pal 2021 New Look

Hey Pals,

The previous packaging boxes have accompanied Stationery Pal for quite some time and they really made the first impression of Stationery Pal on our lovely customers. We really appreciate the design. Let's have a quick look back at them:

StationeryPalPackaging2020Stationery Pal Packaging 2020

Amazing as they look, we wanted to try something new this year.

Ta-da here we present our new packaging, the Eraser Middle Box and the Notebook Large Box: 

Stationery Pal New Look 2021StationeryPal New Look 2021

Stationery Pal New Look 2021

The new-look of Stationery Pal was inspired by our company motto - ALL ABOUR STATIONERY. The large box was designed as a notebook and the middle box was designed as an Eraser. Both of them have a very strong sign of stationery.

We used our favorite color, pink, on both new boxes, however, we chose a more pastel pink for them this time to bring our lovely customers a fresher, softer, and more chic feeling.

We hope our dear customers get the feeling that these new boxes were sent with the gentlest greetings and companionship from an old pal - the Stationery Pal.

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Claudia - February 19, 2021

When is it black friday? Hugs 🤍

Miriam - January 20, 2021

Que hermosas cajas!!! Ya quiero que lleguen mis productos que pedí!!! Es tan larga la espera!!!

Taneesha - January 19, 2021

Oh my gosh, really shows that you’re a stationery company. Loving the new design

Marina - January 17, 2021

Me encanta la última caja, me parece increíble

Montserrat - January 16, 2021

Me parecen preciosas las cajas

Sabrina Aberkane - January 15, 2021


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