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The Cutest Little Things You Must have in Your Bag

The Cutest Little Things You Must have in Your Bag

Most of us do not want to carry huge things, given that they are heavy and difficult to carry. Since we regularly bring our daily necessities, like our purses, phones, mirrors, journals, and identity cards, Stationery Pal came up with some products that are more enjoyable and won't take up too much space in your bag.

It is not only essential but also cute and useful to have these items around. Let's go check out these products that you will undoubtedly enjoy!


Floral Coin Purse - White $ 0.70 USD

This Floral Coin Purse has a minimalist design that complements the floral pattern. They are more pleasant to use due to the texture of the fabric. Their size makes them ideal for putting things like keys, coins, and other small items in. You can fit the coin purse neatly into any bag, purse, or organizer you have.


Sanitary Napkin Storage Bag - Pink Rabbit $ 1.60 USD

This sanitary storage bag is composed of safe and quality nylon fabric with a smooth texture. It can accommodate 7–10 sanitary napkins. With a zipper design, it is easier to open and carry the sanitary napkin bag and better protect your privacy. This is not only perfect for you to hide women’s products but also to store small items like mirrors, lipsticks, jewelry, or any other small items you may have.


Mini Compact Comb & Mirror - Wing $ 0.80 USDA comb and a mirror are combined into one. The cushioned anti-breakage brush detangles and smooths your hair. It's tiny enough to fit in a bag or pocket. It features an enchanting Cardcaptor Sakura anime design. This would suit any beautiful lady with long, curly, or even short hair. You can put on make-up and brush your hair whenever you want to.


Summer Folding Fan With Pouch - Bunny $ 0.80 USD

This Summer Folding Fan With Pouch is made of high-quality polyester fabric and plastic for long-term use and durability. It can be folded into a small round shape and kept in your pocket, purse, or bag. To fold it, simply twist it into an "8" shape and push it onto the fan's handle. The small size and light weight make it simple to open and close. You may also use this beautiful foldable fan during the summer to beat the heat. It's ideal for young people and those with girly hearts.


Plushy White Hamster Keychain $ 3.20 USD

This adorable, fluffy white hamster keychain is made of synthetic fibers of the highest quality. You can hang them on your bags or use them as a keychain for your keys. Additionally, it makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones.


Cartoon Card Holder - Rainbow Bear - Yellow $ 1.10 USD

This cute cartoon card holder features a cute bear design and comes with a matching hand strap. IDs, driver's licenses, debit cards, and other cards can be stored. It features a fantastic sliding mechanism to keep your cards clean and free of scratches. This is an excellent way to keep your cards secure.


Contact Lens Case - Pink $ 0.90 USD

This travel-friendly contact lens case has a screw cap with an easy-open/close top that can hydrate your lenses without leaking. Since the box is translucent, you can see the color of your contact lenses without having to open them. Keep your lenses away from dust for cleaner lenses and better vision. It is suitable for everyday contact lens care. It comes with tools for you to wear or maintain your contact lens. You can keep your contact lenses in your bag or pocket and take them everywhere you go.


Fried Egg Metal Keychain $ 0.60 USDThe Fried Egg Metal Keychain is lightweight, versatile, and durable. When you use them, you can keep track of all your keys easily. For a more decorative look, you can attach the keychain to your keys or bag. There is something charming and adorable about this dangling pendant with a pattern of fried egg.


Transparent Phone Holder - Happy Every Day $ 1.30 USDThis translucent phone holder is durable and smooth. It is made of acrylic plastic, which is both sturdy and lightweight. They are well-crafted, making them tough to break or deform. They feature smooth surfaces with no surface roughness and will not scratch your hands or skin. It can be displayed on a workstation or display shelf using its stands. This can also be used as a cellphone stand while watching videos, playing games, or watching movies.


Go get all of these at the guaranteed lowest price and take advantage of our big discounts!

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Crystalxlovesboba - July 13, 2023

Stationery pal is my therapy buy for here it’s a really good shop I bought from here on my phone and let me tell you you will get one of the best stationery in the world

Anureet Kaur - July 10, 2023

I love stationery pal from the bottom of my heart ❤ I love all the stationery stuff she exports. Hope I get some discount 🤪☺🤍

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