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We are glad that you consider us - Stationery Pal for your back-to-school shopping. We are one of the top stores for school supplies. We always try our best to ensure that products will meet your needs, have the best quality, and be useful in your daily life. Now that August is nearly over, everyone is doing the last bit of shipping for back to school. We want to help and guide you to choose what fits best for your needs. We have carefully selected the most suitable products for students, teachers, or even mothers looking for quality yet affordable stationery products.

We've put together this Must Have Back-to-School Essentials guide created by the Stationery Pal team for students, parents, and teachers to help you through the back-to-school journey. We hope you find this list of stationery essentials useful.

Trendy Korean Canvas Tote Bag - Pink $ 11.10 USD ( Save 9%)This minimalist canvas zippered tote bag can go with you everywhere, especially if you are a student. It has enough space for your books, pen case, notebooks, and other school essentials. The wide and breathable strap will not cramp your shoulders even if you put in some heavy stuff. This bag has an inside and outside patch pocket, which is perfect for your identity, wallet, and cellphone. It also has 2 side pockets that can fit a bottle and an umbrella well. A nice cotton canvas fabric makes the bag soft but sturdy. This trendy tote bag is a must-have for this coming school year!

Extensible Pencil Pen Case Large Version - Pink $ 11.00 USD ( Save 9% )This is a large-capacity extendable pencil case that can hold 40 pens, making it ideal for students and teachers who are always carrying pens, scissors, erasers, and other small school supplies. You can fit everything in here; there's no need to bring an extra pen case since it can fit all your school essentials.

Kokuyo Gambol Color Ring Notebook $ 3.20 USD ( Save 23% )The Kokuyo Gambol Color Spiral Notebook applies geometric texture, which adds a sense of design. Its frosted cover is hard to scratch, so it will not be printed with fingerprints, which gives a simple and clean cover appearance. The double-layer metal coil helps to turn over and secure the inner pages. That not only saves writing space but also facilitates smooth writing. Its paper is smooth and delicate, suitable for writing with various inks. Perfect for everyday use by students and teachers.

Tombow Sumikko Gurashi MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Pink $ 11.40 USD ( Save 9% )A modern and stylish mechanical pencil is filled with useful features. This pencil has a "shake-mechanism," with a "MONO Eraser" twist attached at the top. Tombow guarantees high-precision writing and erasability with the "shake mechanism," which extends the lead by shaking the pencil back and forth, and the "shake lock," which prevents unintended lead movement while stored by pushing the clip upwards. Every student will find this mechanical pencil convenient to use.

Transparent Ruler - 20 cm - Bunny $ 0.50 USD ( Save 23% )

This charming Cartoon Transparent Ruler can help when you need to measure something. This straight-edge ruler is made of durable acrylic and has a smooth, sturdy feature that can be used for a long time, making it excellent for school and craft projects. The pattern does not extend over the markings, allowing you to clearly see the numbers and easily measure and draw straight lines. This acrylic ruler has to be the perfect back-to-school essential, and you can get it here at Stationery Pal for just $0.50!

Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter Brush Pen - 15 Color Set $ 39.40 USD (Save 9%)The Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter Brush has a function with the limitless potential of a brush pen. The Zebra Mildliner Brush Pen has a paintbrush-like tip on one end and a fine marker on the other. It has the soft, mild Mildliner ink you are familiar with. Which is excellent for layering and doesn't bleed through. The brush tip is similar to an artist's brush in that it allows for thick or thin strokes. The fine tip marker offers more regular lines. Stationery Pal has this pen set on sale right now. Don't miss out!

Zebra Sarasa 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen - 0.5 mm - Black $ 6.50 USD ( Save 10% )The Sarasa 3 multi-pen comes in different ink colors. It features a 0.5mm nib and three ink colors in one simple body: black, blue, and red. The binder clip features a unique design that makes it easy to carry. If you have a lot of pens, they can be a bit difficult to bring along, and this is a problem that a multi-color pen can solve quickly. This pen is lightweight and comes in the three most commonly used colors. The most incredible thing is that it uses fine gel rather than ballpoint pen ink like most other multi-function pens. You can purchase this wonderful pen from Stationery Pal because we always offer the best yet most affordable pens.

Sun-Star Stickyle Scissors - Compact Type - Pink X Ivory $ 8.00 USD ( Save 17% )

With a convenient pen-style design and cap, these Sun-Star Stickyle Pen Style Scissors are a handy way to keep them with you wherever you go! These compact, cleverly capped scissors are perfect for tucking into a pen case, purse, or bag so that you'll always have a pair of scissors on hand. Pop off the cap, and the scissors open thanks to the automatic spring-loaded handles. The scissors are carefully designed to open at an angle that ensures they are comfortable and easy to use. A small bump on the cap prevents it from rolling away.

Pentel Petit-Corre X HIBIYA KADAN Correction Tape - Narcissus Yellow $ 3.90 USD ( Save 9% )This Pentel Petit-Corre X Hibiya Kadan correction tape is a collaboration with Hibiya Kadan, Japan's popular statewide floral shop. The narcissus design on the tape is beautiful. The small size will easily fit in your pen case. Not all mistakes are made equal, but the Pentel Petit-Correction tape can handle everything from little errors to major errors. It's always our goal at Stationery Pal to bring you products that are easier to use.

Versatile 3 in 1 Stapleless Stapler - Orange $ 9.90 USD ( Save 9% )With the innovative 3-in-1 Strapless Stapler, there will be no need to use staples while binding, which is simple to use. It can puncture several sheets of paper at once, allowing you to fasten papers efficiently while studying or working. It also has a manual locking function; while not in use, the button can be pressed to lock the stapler. This stapler is lightweight and round in shape, enabling it to be stored and carried easily. This stapler features a stapleless stapler, a hole punch, and a letter opener. Perfect for students and teachers.


Only at Stationery Pal can you find all these wonderful products at the lowest guaranteed price. 


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Love your posts been subbed to your YouTube and love the content and your website keep up the great work!!!

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