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The World's First Ballpoint Pen Paper Refill

The World's First Ballpoint Pen Paper Refill

Uni Paper Refill 2021

Uni has been developing refills using ink storage tubes made of paper and just successfully developed the world's first ballpoint pen paper refill.

Oh my God! That was literally the first reaction we had when we saw this paper refill. When we first saw the paper refill, our first reaction was shocked, then we were curious about the design and wanted to find more information. One thing worth mentioning is that we didn't have any doubts about this design because we knew from the bottom of our hearts that this is what Japanese stationery companies can do.

Uni Pen Paper Refill
The newly developed paper refill consists of four layers, three of which are uniquely developed paper and the outermost layer is parchment paper. During the development of the paper refill, Uni repeatedly tested ink-related properties such as permeability, gas barrier, repulsion as a mechanical property of the paper tube, winding strength, and examined the structure.

As a result, Uni achieved a structure that retains its shape without ink leakage, bleed-through, or wear of the winding shape, even if the ink stays in the refill for a long time.

By using paper, the amount of plastic is reduced by approximately 88% compared to conventional refills. In addition, this paper refill is equipped with "Jet Stream Ink". There is also been a considerable improvement in the ink volume, with approximately 1.6 times that of the Jet Stream Standard (SXN-150 series) refill, so it can be used for a longer period of time than the conventional products.

In recent years, companies have been asked to respond to environmental issues to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, there is a lot of concern about microplastics, which are single-use plastics as a major cause of ocean pollution. We are very interested in seeing large stationery companies like Uni step up and take on more social responsibility, and also serve as a role model for other smaller stationery companies like us to work together to solve human problems.

As human beings and stationery lovers, we are very happy to see Uni making paper refills this time, as this could be another option to reduce plastic emissions. What do you think of this paper refill? Would you like to try them?

3 comments on The World's First Ballpoint Pen Paper Refill
  • Racko

    So cool! I can’t wait to see more sustainable products :D

    March 09, 2022
  • Ken Werther
    Ken Werther

    This sounds like an amazing idea but I do have my doubts about how well it will actually work. Definitely will try one though.

    November 15, 2021
  • Lekisha K Fairley
    Lekisha K Fairley

    Interesting I would like to see how durable it is as far as leak proof over time.

    November 15, 2021
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