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🌷Get A Free Dainty Floral Gel Pen For Order Over 40USD
Valentine's day Watercolor

Valentine's Ideas🌹

This Valentine's Day, I don't know if you want to go out on a date, but a good student like me doesn't go out on dates anyway! I've decided to work on my journal in the dorm, no one can stop me! Look how beautiful my notes are! Anyone who goes out on a date will end up envying my beautiful notes!😠

Valentine's Day Dividers

Valentine's day dividersValentine's day dividerValentine's day dividerValentine's day dividers

Valentine's Day Doodle CornerValentine's day cornerValentine's day doodle corner

Valentine's Day Frames and WreathValentine's day wreathValentine's day framesValentine's day wreathValentine's day frame

Valentine's Day Brush Lettering and WatercolorValentine's day brushlettering and watercolorValentine's day brushlettering

📲😍The guy I like just called and asked me out! No more talking!

I'm out of here! 💅👗👠💄bye~




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Reham Ahsan - February 26, 2022

I love your ideas they r sooo creative I once bought o actually alot of things and they were AWSOME! I love the washi tape and I gotta admit that I loved ur things You should keep on doing this stuff I love u guyssss KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 👍🏻😁🎖️💪🏻✨❤️

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