What to send to your pen pals

by Stationery Pal Team on September 15, 2020

I like to treat every penpal letter as a little gift for a friend to open. It's a great way to share your life and culture through a letter. Today I'm going to show you some ideas for things to send to your pen pals.

1. Sticky Note

Sticky notes are great to send because they fit easily in a letter. They come in different colors and shapes which offer you a great variety of choices.

2. Paper Clip

Second, a paper clip is perfect because they are something your pen pals can actually use and you can wrap them in cute packaging.

cr: @penpalmarie


3. Washi Tape

Share some of your favorite washi tapes by wrapping it around a tag or cardboard. It's such a useful gift for its versatility- You can use it functionally or solely for decoration. There is always something for everyone's taste and every occasion.

4. Postcard

It's nice to share more about where you live by sending them a postcard that shows your culture and introduces beautiful places in your city.

Stationery Pal website offers a variety of washi tapes, sticky notes, and paper clips. Feel free to check them out!

Let me know what you like to send to your pen pals in the letter.

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Author: Josephine Wong
by Yy on September 19, 2020

looks fun! Interesting!

by Skyler on September 17, 2020

I will definitely take these ideas! I enjoy penpaling and it is so fun! ;)

by Divi Rodriguez on September 16, 2020

Como me hago acciones en esta empresa con derecho a ganancia cada mes?
Yo tenia penpals pero ahora le escribo solo a mis participantes adolecentes y adultos. Te gustaria que yo tenga acciones?
Bien siempre
Divi Rodriguez.
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