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Shipping from Australia👑

Shipping from Australia👑

Shipping From Australia

Good day mate! We hope you are doing well!🐨

🎁In the fantasy world of Stationery Pal, stationery should be very accessible and affordable for every stationery lovers. This time, we are taking a step toward it by setting up a small warehouse in Melbourne. Finger crossed and hoped we are not doing it too wrong.

We have been working on it for a while and are still getting it ready to ship more products. To start, we have these four bullet journal lite sets ready to ship. Check them out Here👈

If you are located in Australia, you will receive these four sets in 2-4 days with lower shipping costs.🦘 Your package will be packed and shipped out from Melbourne. That means you will get them really quickly! Fast and cheap. How does this sound?

Let us know what items you would like to see in our Australian warehouse.

Ta and lots of love!
Stationery Pal Team❤️

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