Wanna Get A Free Muji For Your New Semester?

by Christina T on August 17, 2020

Hello there,

Back to school season is around the corner and during this period, every 40+ dollars deal will get a free Muji Cap Type Gel-Ink Pen - Black from us! Show Now!

Time: 18 Aug 2020 00:00 (GMT +8) - 27 Aug 2020 23:59 (GMT +8)

Stationery Pal

by Lowri on January 12, 2021

OMGGGGGGG I love this website it’s officially my favourite 🤩

by Bryan Ruiz on September 10, 2020

I would love to get that and whatever you want to send! I’ll leave great reviews

by Tanisha on September 16, 2020

Aww that’s really nice that you are giving a free muji 😄 it’s gonna help the people specially in this pandemic situation. I hope I get this because I never had any muji stuffs 😅 Good luck everyone

by Rebecca on September 10, 2020

I love MUJI’s pen

by riri on September 10, 2020

HI, I LOVEEEEEE YOU STATIONARRYYYY, omg im obsessed i saw someone doing a haul video of stainary pal and i found the website i was like OMAAGAAWWWDD im gonna spend spend spenddd, btwww have you guys thought about doing a competition or a giveaway? id love to be a part of it ofcourse :) XXXX

by meiru on September 16, 2020


by Paula on September 10, 2020

I love Stationary Pal

by Silvia Cecchini on September 10, 2020

I’m just adore this web-site. All stuffs are super cute

by Maritza Realpe Tez on September 10, 2020

Hey there I am Maritza I just wanted to say how incredible your acc is!! I actually love everything that is in here everything that offers and the recommendations they do I haven’t done my first purchase but I am very very excited to do it if you’re wondering why is because well I am trying to save a lot of my money so I can finally make my order I can’t wait to make one and make moree I am truly glad that I found this store and please keep doing your work because is AMAZING. Have a great day:))

by Yesenia on September 10, 2020


by Amelie Netherton on September 10, 2020

Thank you for the amazing stationery!

by Ema on September 10, 2020

Hello I love your website so much and I really would like to have a muji pen. Thank you so much!

by Adriana Galvan on September 10, 2020

Yay I love stationery pal and there prices are great and so cheap this is stationery heaven

by Lorena on September 10, 2020

I love muji :)

by Jose on September 10, 2020

I like it!


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