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Daily Planner Notepad

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The key to enhancing study or work productivity is to create explicit schedules in order to begin every day!

This Daily Planner Notepad features a superior glue-type binding and high-quality easily-peelable paper. Whenever necessary, simply jot down your intentions on one of the pages, and peeled off, and adhered it to a wall or study desk. Each page contains the process grids, the checklist, notes for the next day, and the top three goals.

Inner Page: 60 sheets
Size: 126 mm × 194 mm / 5 inch × 7.6 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Clarinette Daniel
Wonderful planner

I can't imagine my day without the Daily Planner Notepad. Its colorful and vibrant pages instantly brighten my mood, making planning and organizing a joyful and creative process.

Candice Lutherburge
Thanks SP!

The Daily Planner Notepad is not just a planner; it's a catalyst for personal growth. Its unique prompts and reflection sections allow me to set intentions, track progress, and continuously evolve into my best self.

Ivana Howard

The Daily Planner Notepad is like a personal sanctuary for my thoughts and plans. Its calming design and spacious writing areas create a zen-like atmosphere where I can focus and unleash my creativity

Arida Charles
Highly recommended!

The Daily Planner Notepad is my daily companion for unlocking my potential. With its goal-setting features and prioritization sections, it empowers me to turn my dreams into actionable steps and achieve remarkable results. The Daily Planner Notepad is a true game-changer for my productivity. Its ingenious layout and time-blocking system help me optimize my day, allowing me to accomplish more with less stress.

Alliyah Shibata

The Daily Planner Notepad is the perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression. Its sleek design and attention to detail make planning my day an enjoyable and visually pleasing experience.