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Plus Norino POD Glue Tape Limited Edition - Kamakura

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Kamakura is a seaside Japanese city just south of Tokyo. A large number of cartoons take place in this city, including the Slam Dunk and Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Check out this Plus Norino POD Glue Tape Limited Edition - Kamakura!

Plus Norino POD Glue Tape is a compact design with absolute performance. The bean shape design is gentle to hands even with long hours of use. This glue tape even features a tape jam inhibitory function, it can detect the winding defect and restore it to prevent tape jam.

Norinno POD has strong adhesion with honeycomb-dot, it also can be removed cleanly and it is easily refillable. If you enjoyed to us the Plue Norino, you would not want to miss this glue tape as well.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing l

I love this tape it works really well for me and it’s able to fit in my pencil case easy.

My favorite glue tape!

My favorite Youtuber Mei has been using one of these in her videos for a while. So I finally got one with my first order and it does not disappoint. It fits into my hand really well and is comfortable to hold versus the circle ones. My favorite part about it is the tape head is retractable which helps with accidental unwinding. It has a mechanism where it actually won't get tangled inside or unwind. The glue is a nice strong adhesive. This is great for penpal, journaling, and scrapbooking especially since it won't leave a wet mark and doesn't need a dry time. I make sure to grab it every time I do crafts on the go. I recommend getting one of these it makes your crafting life a lot easier.