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Solid Color Grid Washi Tape - Beige

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Washi tape is a Japanese craft masking tape that comes in many colors and patterns and has tons of creative uses. Use it to add whimsical, creative accents to scrapbooks and cards, or stick it on your wall calendars and personal planners to mark important dates. The tape is removable, which means that you can easily stick it on, unpeel it, and move it to a different spot—this is especially convenient when marking ever-changing schedules. It can be cut with scissors to create a clean edge or torn by hand to create a more textured look.

Width: 15 mm

Length: 10 m

Customer Reviews

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Loraine Go
Amazing quality!

The Solid Color Grid Washi Tape is perfect for marking important dates in my planner. Its clean lines and precise grid make it easy to create eye-catching calendars. Its durability ensures that my designs stay intact and withstand the test of time.

Bobby Bandana
Beige has been my fave

This washi tape has become an essential part of my crafting toolkit. Its versatility allows me to create beautiful grids, borders, and patterns effortlessly. Plus, the quality is outstanding, ensuring clean lines and easy application. A definite must-have for any stationery enthusiast!

Beatrice Aguirre
Extraordinarily a must!

The Solid Color Grid Washi Tape Beige is a game-changer for my scrapbooking projects! The grid pattern adds a unique and eye-catching element to my pages, allowing me to create visually appealing backgrounds and borders. Its adhesive is strong enough to hold securely, yet gentle enough to be repositioned when needed. Highly recommended for scrapbookers and crafters alike!

Gemma Boston
Great for DIY projects!

A true gem in my collection! Its simplicity and elegance make it incredibly versatile for various DIY projects. I love using it to create custom gift wraps, decorate photo frames, and even add a touch of flair to my laptop. It's a fantastic way to elevate any project and make it truly stand out!