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Tombow MONO Correction Tape - Pocket Series - White

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Introducing the Tombow MONO Correction Tape, which designs with a small rectangular shape "Mono-pocket", and looks like a MONO eraser appearance, each correction tape is portable to carry and easy to use. The correction tape adopted a high-quality tape that can easily adhere to the paper surface. After adhering to the paper, it can perfectly cover the miswritten content. Also, the correction tape contains a full cover cap, which makes the tape head fully covered with a cap. Not only does not damage the head of the correction tape when carrying but also can keep dust away.

  • Square shape· Full cover cap
  • High-adhesion, high-quality
  • Including 5 MONO colors: white black, blue, purple, and pink

Width: 5mm
Length: 4m

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product! ☁️

This easy-to-use correction tape can be used either right-handed or left-handed. It has tear-resistant carrier tape and goes on completely dry so you can immediately write on it. Very grateful for its consistency.

Kris Salvador
Perfection! 🧡

First and foremost, the quality is very commendable. It is produced with details and high quality materials. The best to be exact! i love that it is portable, not just that, but it is very sturdy too. Consistent and smooth.

Lilia Charles
OH MY G! 🎉

I super love this Tombow MONO Correction Tape pocket series! How distinct and helpful this product can be? Thank you so much!

Jaime Spencer
Amazing! 💘

The protective cap saves the tape from getting dirty or dry when not in use, and it's also certified to be non-toxic and completely safe for use by children. The design is compact, easy to carry, and is super convenient to apply.