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Color Scheme Pen Set - Falling Cherry Blossom

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This Falling Cherry Blossom Set is super suitable for you who have a girlish heart. The pink appearance makes people's hearts melt as if coming to the cherry blossom season in Japan.

What's more, these four pens are from excellent brands. Also, the set is equipped with four types of pens, to satisfy all your writing needs. Including marks on your notes, or quick writing. Without a doubt, it's the wonderful stationery set for you to experience your 2022 study.

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Customer Reviews

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Cynea Johnson
Beauty ♥.

The Color Scheme Pen Set - Falling Cherry Blossom is a serene palette that has brought a new dimension to my artistic expression. Its captivating colors, diverse pen selection, and exceptional performance make it a top-tier choice for any artist seeking inspiration from nature's beauty. Whether I'm sketching, journaling, or creating intricate artworks, this pen set has become an indispensable companion in my creative journey. I wholeheartedly recommend the Color Scheme Pen Set - Falling Cherry Blossom to any artist who wishes to add a touch of tranquility and elegance to their artistry.

♥ pink forever ♥

besties get this set RIGHT NOW!!!!
i love pink, it's my favourite colour, and these markers and pens are soooo beautiful in my biased opinion. however, even if i weren't so biased, i would still feel the same simply on the basis of their quality! the inks don't bleed through my paper and flow easily (you don't need to shake your pens every 2 seconds). also, all of them go really great together and make for fun combinations!


I really like the quality of the pens in this set. It’s super cute and affordable. Definitely a nice way to add some color to your pages. And I love how smooth the pens write.


These r nice love the smoothness it what while writing. I got these for Journaling but that was not a good idea they do not dry as fast as I write. Great if your writing a sentence or two not so good if u r writing pages after pages

Super Smooth

I have to add some little pleasures to my otherwise dreary work days. I bought these pens to provide life's little excitements as I edit 200-page documents that put me to sleep. I love these pens--the colors are fun, the writing is smooth, and the ink is consistent--none had spotting issues I've had with other gel pens.

I'll definitely be buying again when I make my way through the current set.