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Foldable Pencil Case & Book Stand - Pink

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By folding, it can be used as a pencil case. By unfolding, it can be used as a book stand.

- The capabilities of the book stand
Students who are committed to long-term study must have a book stand. The wide-angle type can accommodate 180-degree unfolding books, and the multiple-angle position adjustment design allows for comfortable reading. It has a space for the book spine and a movable holder at the base to keep the books stable while reading. The transparent clips would not readily cover the reading contents.

- Large capacity and compact structure
The product has two sides of storage containers with a large capacity for stationery. The compact structure makes it easy to carry without squashing the whole bag space. It also includes complimentary stickers that can be used to creatively decorate the surface.

- Surface erasable whiteboard
It includes a black-ink marker pen and a fiber cloth. It can be used at any time for scribbles, marks, and notes.

Fold Size: 200 mm × 90 mm × 40 mm / 7.9 inch × 3.5 inch × 1.6 inch

Customer Reviews

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this pencil case is amazingly cute it comes with the most adorable stickers ever it is so easy to transform into a bookstand the quality is amazing and the white board comes in handy if your a minimalist i would recomend this pencilcase to you.

Great pencil case if you're a minimalist and wants to get organized

Fantastic pencil case if you prefer to be minimalistic and organized. The whiteboard surface provides sufficient space to write down the homework for the day so it is easy to refer to once you open the case. Its capability to turn into a bookstand reduces desk space and its adjustable reading angle makes it easier to have a good reading posture. As much as this pencil case has a few practical functions, some factors may be compromised such as storage capacity and fragility. It might seem alien to some first time users to turn the pencil case into a bookstand. As a result, they might break the case just by trying to pry open some parts of it. Additionally, due to the multiple parts that requires hinges and the plastic quality that it was made out of, it might also break on impact if the user ever were to drop it. Personally, I think this pencil case can hold up to 12 pens with small spaces that could fit an eraser if you're using pens of different lengths. Due to how small the capacity is, I had to find an alternative for a pair of hand held scissors using a pen-shaped body scissors.

TL;DR this pencil case has great features like a whiteboard surface and a bookstand that could help a user to be more organized but its minimal capacity of 12 pens max and fragility can affect the user's experience to using the pencil case.