Kokuyo WSG-ERF2 Corner Triangle Eraser - Blue

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The KOKUYO Triangle Eraser with high-quality offers precision and easy use in one tool. It allows you to always have a sharp eraser at hand to erase intended areas with great precision. The eraser is soft, but with a strong wipe, which is not easy to damage the paper, and only produce little dust.
This eraser is in the shape of an isosceles right triangle with a 45-degree and 90-degree angle. The position of the eraser alters according to the usage. After swapping the place of the eraser, up to 54 corners can be used easily to erase details.


  • Size of the box collecting erasers: 73mm x 53mm x 53mm
  • Size of one small triangle eraser: 20mm×15mm×15mm
  • Color: Blue & Transparent 
  • Material: PVC

Customer Reviews

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A must-have tool for anyone who values precision!

The eraser's high-quality materials ensure that it doesn't smudge or leave residue behind, leaving my pages clean and neat. The durability of this eraser is also worth mentioning – it seems to last forever, which is a great value for the price. Not only does the Kokuyo WSG-ERF2 Corner Triangle Eraser in Blue excel in performance, but its ergonomic design also adds to its appeal. The triangular shape is comfortable to hold and allows for a natural grip, minimizing fatigue during extended erasing sessions.