Milan Fibre Pens - Set of 12

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These Milan Fibre Pens are an excellent way to give your artwork color and detail. Each fibre pen with a 2 mm-diameter fine tip, making them an excellent way to create intricate drawings and thin lines. The design of the fibre pen makes it simple to hold and control the thin barrel. Also, the tip makes it ideal for writing with precise strokes and sketching outlines. The ink is a water-based paint that yields vibrant, simple-to-apply colors that can be mixed.
Most fabrics can be easily cleaned of ink.

· The 2.0 mm nib that creates lines that range in thickness from 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm.
· 12 different colors, which is a fantastic way to give your work some color.
· Most fabrics may be washed clean of the ink.

Size: 200 mm X 145 mm X 10 mm / 7.9 inch X 5.7 inch X 4 inch

Customer Reviews

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Ideally, made for arts!

Ideal for calligraphy, lettering and painting with different strokes and mixing colors. Highly recommended! You will all love this!

Sandy Brooks
Very safe to use and it is so vibrant ❤️

OH MY GOSH! I am in love with this set. It can be used to create strokes from 0.75 mm to 3 mm. Tip is resistant to knocks and pressure. Water-based paint which creates bright, easily-applied colors can be mixed together. Perfect for my school project!

Josiah McDougall
Stunning colors

They are a great way to add some color to my artwork. The ink is water based and will wash from most fabrics. The round barrel is easy to hold and control. The assortment of bright colors can be mixed on the page to create endless color combinations. In other words, perfect!!!

Ashera Sarabia
All bright and beautiful ❤️

These Milan Fibre Pens are great options for writing and drawing bright colors. The fiber pens have a conical tip which allows me to draw between a 0.75 mm line and a 3.0 mm line. These pens have water based inks which can be washed out from most fabrics. Really great product! I am satisfied, thank you!