Slide Pen Pouch - Bubble Tea - Khaki

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The expandable pencil organizer is constructed of high-quality canvas with milk tea motifs, making them attractive, long-lasting, and simple to clean. It may be washed and used for a long period, providing you with a comfortable experience. This pencil holder with a drop-down design that can be used as a pen bag. The pencil holder can be adjusted using the tiny flaps on the sides, and the top can be pulled down to make it more compact if you don't need it to be as huge. The zipper design is user-friendly and prevents personal and small objects from falling outside. The versatile pencil case may be used as cosmetics bags or handbags in addition to being pencil cases. The interior pockets are ideal for storing tiny items such as cash, tickets, erasers, lipsticks, lip pomade, and other small items, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These attractive pencil holders are small enough to fit in your everyday bag but large enough to store numerous pens, pencils, or other writing supplies you might require; It will be a thoughtful gift for writer friends, classmates, and family members on birthdays, back-to-school seasons, and other significant occasions.

Size: 12 X 6 X 11 cm / 5 X 2 X 4 inch

Customer Reviews

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Alessandra Ross
This is so impressive and aesthetically pleasing

I gave one of these to myself and my sister as a stocking stuff. They are super adorable and actually work very well. They stand up and hold regular sized pencils, pens, and hi-liters. I have a mobile office so I have to assemble and dismantle my workspace quite often. This holder works well and puts a smile on my face when I use it.

Victoria Elizabeth Han

The new pencil pouch has a material that resembles canvas and feels incredibly robust. Standing up is quite simple, and the zipper also seems fairly durable. All of my necessities fit extremely nicely, and there is still enough for more. Additionally, there is enough room above for pencils that may be longer. And you can easily draw the top section down. This pencil pouch is extremely adorable and I believe it will last me for a very long time. Highly suggested.

Very versatile and unique!

My daughter's colored pencils are stored and organized using this. When she's coloring at home, I pull down the top portion and set it on her desk. When it's time to leave, I bring it back up, zip the bag, and put her coloring books inside. We take it to church with us, and she uses it to color while listening to the sermon while leaving the pencil case on the pew for simple access, just like she does at home. Before I discovered this case, I had to hold each pencil for my daughter during church so that she wouldn't drop them and have them roll away from us.

Shaina Dallas
I am obsessed 🤍

This was a gift for my younger sibling, which I purchased. I wanted them to have something adorable to put their pencils, markers, and other supplies in because they are 17 and have been sketching for almost their whole lives. I could easily fit 29 pens, pencils, and markers within the bag. There are three little pockets of varying sizes on the side without the cat, which is excellent. The bubble tea is really adorable. Happy with this purchase a lot.