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If you've ever wandered into the stationery aisle of a large department store or those small shops nestled near schools, you've likely felt the laughter and joy within those walls.

If you've occasionally caught a glimpse of children's eyes lighting up with longing for stationery in their birthday wishes.

If you've stepped into kindergartens and schools and seen those drawings about love and home, crafted in crayon or colored pencils and displayed on the walls.

If you remember those late-night study sessions, with stationery silently standing by your side, as if whispering, "Don't be afraid, I'm here with you."

If you've struggled with pens that don't work right when you're trying to take a test, you understand that mix of urgency and helplessness.

If you enjoy writing down daily events in a diary and reliving those memories upon reflection.

If you've admired ordinary students who became internet sensations with legions of followers, by sharing their journaling and stationery experiences, embarking on a new journey in life.

If you've seen young people methodically plan their way out of adversity, step by step, taking control of their lives once again.

If you know how those great entrepreneurs started with nothing but a simple pen and paper to sketch out ideas that would eventually be worth billions.

Then, perhaps, you can understand why we are so passionate about serving those pure souls. Because in them, we see reflections of ourselves.

At Stationery Pal, we're not just selling stationery. We're invested in the companionship, the perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of a beautiful life that stationery embodies.

We invite you to discover the stationery that can spark inspiration and enrich your life. No matter who you are, there's always something here for you, waiting to be discovered.

Let's write with heart, making every stroke meaningful and every moment worth treasuring.


Meet Our Super Team


Hey, I'm Aria, your friendly Content Creator at SP. What gets me buzzing about SP? It's got to be the stationery – I'm all about that office supply life! 

Beyond the content hustle, you'll catch me belting out tunes, indulging in good food, getting my game on, and capturing moments through photography. Just a heads up, I've got a slight case of OCD and a bit of a cleanliness obsession – it keeps things in check! 

And here's a life nugget I live by: The shortest answer is just doing the thing. Keep it simple, right?


Hey there, I'm Barbara, rocking the Content Creator role at SP. What steals my heart at SP? It's the Zebra Clickart Retractable Sign Pen - 0.6 mm, my secret weapon for content magic!

Outside the content creation hustle, you'll often find me behind a camera, capturing moments in photographs. Quick fun fact – I'm a total sucker for plush toys. I've got a cozy crew of ten on my bed, keeping me company while I catch some Zs.

And here's my mantra: Live in the present moment. It's where the magic happens.


Hi, I'm Cecilia, the New Product Coordinator at SP. What I absolutely adore about SP? It's the variety of fruits – I'm all about that fruity goodness! 

When I'm not coordinating new products, you'll find me jamming to rap, hitting up music festivals, and exploring new destinations. Here's a quirky fact about me – I have a knack for falling asleep while watching videos. It's a talent, really. 

And here's a little life philosophy I swear by: The road ahead is long, no need to rush. Life is all about diving into new experiences, fearlessly experimenting, and striving for the extraordinary.


Hey there! I'm Eric. Around the office, I'm the go-to guy for anything that needs a tech touch – whether it's troubleshooting our gear, jazzing up our ads, or tweaking the website to perfection. One of the best parts of my day? Diving into the flexible vibe at Stationery Pal. It's just my style.

When I'm not geeking out on tech stuff, you can catch me cruising on my bike or lining up the perfect shot in snooker. Mornings for me kick off with a refreshing shower – it's like my reset button.

Oh, and I've got this quote that sticks with me, from "The Shawshank Redemption": "Get busy living or get busy dying." It's my reminder to make every moment count, whether I'm at work or play. Let's make the best of what we've got!


Hi, I'm Gillian, the Social Media Maestro at SP. You know what steals my heart at SP? It's my nap bed – the ultimate comfort zone!

Beyond managing social vibes, I'm a professional sleeper. Catch me exploring the depths of dreamland. Quirky fact – I'm a TV show enthusiast and watch them at 4x speed. Efficiency at its finest! 

And here's my philosophy: Heard a lot of truths, still figuring out how to navigate this thing called life. Let's keep learning!


Hey, I'm Jackson, handling the Management and HR gig at SP. The real joy at SP? Watching colleagues bloom and stand tall on their own – that's the magic.

Outside the office hustle, my top hobby? Observing my brand-new bundle of joy at home. Parenthood is a whole new adventure.

Fun fact about me – not a fan of the number 4; it's just a thing.

And here's a piece of life advice: Life is all about the experience. Do what you love, and don't let others' opinions cloud your path. Their speculations are just a fraction of who you truly are. Stay true to yourself!


Hi, I'm Janet, handling management duties at SP. One thing I absolutely love about SP is all the stationery in those macaron colors. Outside of work, I'm into cycling, journaling, and calligraphy. Doing that makes me feel calm. 

A little tidbit about me: I like doing things based on my own feelings. I don't want to be swayed or bound by anything.

And here's a motto or life philosophy I'd like to share: Do one good deed a day.


Hey, I'm Kaylin, the Social Media Guru at SP. The real gem at SP? It's the awesome vibe with colleagues – it just brings this relaxing and happy energy.

Outside the social media hustle, catch me enjoying a good movie. Quick fun fact – I'm all about those delicate and beautiful little things that add a touch of magic to life.

And here's my life mantra: You can find a reason to be sad, and you can surely find a reason to be happy. It's all about where you direct your focus.


Hey, I'm Leo, the guy behind the camera as the Product Photographer at SP. The real star at SP? It's the adorable Meow Meow – she steal the spotlight! When I'm not capturing product perfection, you'll catch me diving into games and exploring the latest electronic gadgets. Fun fact – I'm a sucker for trendy tech; I just can't resist adding the latest gadgets to my collection. 

And here's a piece of wisdom I live by: Be yourself, no matter what they say. Embrace your uniqueness!

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Hello, I'm Nora, the friendly face in Customer Service at SP. What really clicks for me at SP? It's the amazing work atmosphere that just sets the tone for everything.

Outside the world of customer service, you'll find me unleashing my creativity with a paintbrush or cruising on a skateboard. Quick quirky detail – I take great pleasure in meticulously trimming my nails; there's an art to it!

And here's a life mantra I'd like to share: When you hit rock bottom, things are bound to take a turn for the better, and when something hits its peak, change is on the horizon. Keep the faith in the journey!

Meow Meow

Hello, I'm Meow Meow, the proud mascot of SP. The highlight of SP for me? Those cozy cardboard boxes – they're my ultimate comfort zone. When I'm not charming everyone as the mascot, you'll catch me indulging in my hobbies of sleeping in snug spaces; it gives me that extra sense of security. Here's a little tidbit about me – had some oral health adventures recently, underwent surgery, and now I'm the toothless wonder cat. And for a bit of wisdom: Embrace change, adapt with grace, and find comfort in the little things. Life is a purr-fect journey!


Hey, I'm Gemma, and at SP, I'm on a mission to spread the love for stationery, working towards making our universe a more paper and pen-friendly place.
What I cherish most at SP? It's the collective pursuit of dreams by everyone, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.
During my downtime, catch me watching my favorite movie "Interstellar" late at night – each time I see Cooper returns, it's like a flood of emotions expressed through the ink that often flows from my eyes.
A little quirk about me – every time I make a new friend, I can't help but recommend to them my favorite stationery.
And here's a guiding philosophy I swear by: The only way to create something truly remarkable is to pour your heart into what you love. Passion is the secret sauce to great work!

Packaging Team






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