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Cake Eraser - Set of 4

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People who use pencils really need to have access to an eraser, despite the fact that it is often disregarded. These lovely erasers can rapidly get rid of mistakes and don't leave any pencil markings behind. Each charming eraser set comes with four different erasers, with a theme that will thrill both children and adults, and the good-looking appearance will bring your stationeries a distinctive scenery.

Size: 150 mm X 100 mm / 6 X 4 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Judy Zaman
My favorite dessert is now my favorite thing!

Holy! This is such a darling eraser. I feel like I don't want to use them and just keep them as my collection. They are very adorable and look so sweet, the quality is superb! I want more of this please. 🎔

Ellena Grey

I love cakes and now this set makes me love cakes more! They have a nice texture and are finely detailed.

Khloe Jen
SO CUTE! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Shipping was incredibly fast and the product is as described in the photo. This set of erasers look great on a colorful aesthetic desk!

Maribeth Walker
OH EM G! ♡

They have that adorable food look to them which I know a lot of people really are drawn to. I really like that they come on this little tray and I think if you collected a few different sets they would be great for making micro- sets for pictures and films or just using them for a little doll tea parties!