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In The Rain Sticky Notes - Green

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These 🐸 sticky notes are perfect for keeping your notebooks organized. There is enough room to jot down memos, while the cute tab can also be used as a page flag or index tab.

The sheets can easily be lifted out of the way, allowing you to use the notes beneath without having to tear off any unused sheets on top.
There are six different styles available in this series.

Size: 15 X 50mm / 0.59 X 1.96 inches
Quantity: 20 X 6 pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I am obsessed with frogs so when I saw these I had to get them. I love them so so so much. They are just so darn cute. I have been sticking them everywhere. I have been using my tape gun on the side that isn't sticky for my penpals and scrapbooking. The color is vibrant and they are of great quality. One I recommend getting these because amazing. I also recommend them just because of the frogs.

Nice page markers, or stickers

I originally bought them as colour-themed page tabs, however, I've used them more in journaling as they layer well and add a burst of cuteness!

The adhesive is the same as most page markers, so if you want them to stay flat, you'll need to add some adhesive to the other end.

Love the colours as well, nice aesthetically pleasing green shades

Ceddie Grolette

I'm a sucker of sticky notes and this one is one of my favorites! The color is vibrant and appealing, and the quality is truly remarkable. I highly recommend this product!

Keira Tang
Vibing with the sticky notes!

Absolutely great! Love the palette, and the patterns. I always forget my tasks but not anymore with these pleasing sticky notes. :))

I am walking on air right now!

First of all, the shades are engaging and charming. Second, the designs are minimal yet mesmerizing, and third - the quality is astounding! I use this when writing my memo or simple notes. Makes me want to write more because of the vibe it gives