iPhone 14 Plus Case - Leopard Print

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The Leopard Print iPhone Case is now available for purchase. The enclosure has a heat dissipation design, a thickness of around 2.0 mm, and string holes in the bottoms of each case. Each iPhone case features a sleek shell made of materials that give it a sophisticated appearance. The stylish and exquisite design exudes a truly fantastic personality and quality that you will never regret.

Compatible iPhone Models: iPhone 14 Plus

Customer Reviews

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Danny King

It's attractive, but durability is its main quality. As a member of the clumsy club, I frequently drop my phone, but the case has always saved it. I'm in love with this phone case more than anything. I have dropped it numerous times, and it has never broken.

Claire Rick
Pretty and durable 💚

Durable and adorable! I've lately fallen on my phone a million times and everything, with no damage. This leopard print one will no doubt be just as sturdy, long-lasting, and manageable.

Rain Lancaster
Great quality

Great graphic. It is shockproof and durable. Raised lips and edges around the display screen protect my phone against drops and shocks.