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Kokuyo Dotliner Adhesive Glue Tape Roller - Pink

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The popular Dot Liner series has a new refillable design with a compact size! Small in size but refillable for extra economy and versatility. Comes in a compact, portable size and features a low price that won't hurt your pocket.

It also features an acid-free glue formula that won't discolor paper or pictures printed. They are perfect to be applied to scrapbooking papers or packaging as well.

The tape design prevents creating a strong, fast-drying bond without unwanted stickiness or fear of getting your hands dirty. A beautiful finish that doesn't wrinkle your paper! This series uses environmentally friendly non-solvent glue.

Size: 6 mm X 8 m / 0.23 X 314.96 inches

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Love it.

First time ordering and boy did Stationary Pal not disappoint. Good product that is brand new in packaging. Customer service and the packaging was great. Lots of freebies and cutest box ever.

This thing stic


Alexa Valencia
Highly recommended!

The Kokuyo Dotliner Adhesive Glue Tape Roller in Pink is a versatile and practical stationery tool that combines efficiency and cuteness. Its pink color adds charm to your workspace and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pencil case or bag. The dot-style adhesive application allows for precise and controlled gluing, even on intricate details. The strong adhesion ensures materials hold together without peeling or detachment, making it a must-have tool for various projects. The refillable feature saves money and resources, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Overall, the Kokuyo Dotliner Adhesive Glue Tape Roller in Pink is a must-have for any stationery enthusiast, making it a staple in creative endeavors.

Very efficient!

The Kokuyo Dotliner Adhesive Glue Tape Roller in Pink is a versatile and efficient crafting tool that offers precision and efficiency in applying adhesive. Its compact design, comfortable grip, and even distribution ensure a mess-free application. The dot-style adhesive allows for accurate placement of glue, making it perfect for small die cuts, delicate elements, and photos in scrapbooking projects. The roller is durable and long-lasting, ensuring no issues of jamming or malfunctioning. It is highly recommended for avid crafters and DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their creative work.


Loved this new format of glue, it's my first time buying this and I'm sure it'll not be the last! Doesn't damage the paper and is very easy to use!