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Kokuyo Pencil Eraser - Pure Sugar

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The KOKUYO pen-shaped eraser has a thin body shape. Push the push slider and slide it down to use the eraser. The rubber is soft. It has good elasticity and is not easy to break. The disassembly design can replace the rubber core. The 7mm width eraser can easily erase the entire line of text. The eraser can be easily stored in the pen holder and is not easy to lose. Each pack includes one rubber refill.
Eraser Size: Width 7mm × Length 88mm
Full Body Length: 120mm / 47.3 inches
Color: White

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Precision for Flawless Erasing!

The Kokuyo Pencil Eraser in Pure Sugar is a delightful addition to any artist, student, or professional's toolkit. Its charming and eye-catching design adds a touch of sweetness to the desk. The fine tip allows for accurate erasure of even the tiniest mistakes, making it perfect for intricate drawings, architectural sketches, and detailed illustrations. The eraser's composition is commendable, removing pencil marks without leaving behind smudges or residue. Its durability is a standout feature, maintaining its shape and effectiveness even after extensive use. The compact size fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for effortless control during erasing sessions. The eraser does not leave behind crumbs, making it a clean and mess-free solution, keeping the workspace tidy and organized. Overall, the Kokuyo Pencil Eraser in Pure Sugar is an excellent choice for those seeking sweet aesthetics and impeccable performance in erasing.

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