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Kuretake Karappo Empty Felt Tip Pen - Fine - Pack of 5

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Leave a mark that is unique to the Kuretake Karappo. Named after the Japanese word for "empty," the Karappo is an empty pen that can be filled with the custom color made with the Kuretake Ink-Café Ink Mixing Kit! This pen features a 0.4 mm fineliner tip. A felt brush pen version is also available.
Taking the included ink core and dipping one end to the ink can fill the pen. The ink rises to the core as it is absorbed. When the core is about 80% full, pull it out and wipe off any ink from the outside of the core. Insert the core into the pen, then insert the included stopper behind it. Press down on the stopper until it snaps securely into place. The pen includes two round label stickers, which can use to mark with the ink and add to the top and bottom of the pen.
No ink included.
Karappo pens can be filled with bottled fountain pen ink, but for best performance, Kuretake recommends using it with ink from their Ink-Café Ink Mixing Kit.
Once the stopper is in place, it cannot be removed.
Tip Type: Bullet
Length: 13.4 cm
Tip Size: 0.4mm