Kuretake ZIG Clean Color FB Felt Tip Brush Pen - 12 Color Set - Deep

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Kuretake Zig Clean Color FB brush pens can create beautiful illustrations, sketches, and manga art. Their soft felt tips and built-in ink supplies combine the convenience of a regular marker with the artistic versatility of a brush. The pen has nylon bristle brush tips that are perfect for creating thin or thick lines.
Flexible felt brush tip that lets to achieve wonderful line variation with changes in drawing angle and pressure. Water-based, dye-based ink that can be blended with a water brush to create painterly watercolor effects. It is Odorless, xylene-free, and AP-certified.
This Deep color set includes 12 colors: Black (010), Blue (030), Brown (060), Dark Pink (027), Deep Brown (068), Deep Scarlet (240), Deep Violet (084), Marine Green (400), Mid Gray (096), Ochre (063), Olive Green (043), and Wine Red (024).