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Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Dot Metallic Double-Sided Marker - Red 126

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Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Dot Metallic is dual-tip metallic markers with a 1mm fine tip on one end, while a flexible, rounded dot nib on another. It is available in six colors: red, green, blue, violet, silver, and gold. Drawing dots of varying sizes depends on the pressure applied during use.
Metallic ink is smudge and water-resistant after drying completely and is beautifully vibrant on dark-colored paper. Perfect for unique holiday cards. Water-based pigment ink is water-resistant and lightfast. Ink color is resistant to sunlight exposure. Therefore, it does not fade easily. It is recommended that this product is used for crafts, so the treasured memories will be preserved for ages. It is ideal for illustrations, lettering, pointillism, stippling, scrapbooking, and much more! These double-sided markers can create fun doodles and colorful notes.


  • 1.0 mm bullet tip.
  • Squishy dot tip.
  • Opaque, metallic, water-based, and lightfast pigment ink.


  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Replace cap firmly after use.
  • The pigment markers must be stored in the horizontal position.
  • Do not press too firmly on the dot tip.
  • Depending on the paper, it may bleed through the back of the paper.
  • Xylene-free conforms to ASTM D 4237, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark.