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Mini Compass Round Cutter

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Introducing the Cute Mini Compass Round Cutter – a tiny powerhouse for precise circle and ring cutting!

With its 360° manual rotating cutter, you can effortlessly create circles as small as 2cm in diameter. The adjustable slide rail and clear scale logo make it a breeze to achieve accurate measurements and positioning. From crafts to DIY projects, this versatile tool is a must-have. It even lets you cut garden rings by fixing the center and making two cuts. With a range of 2-20cm in diameter, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to unleash your creativity with this compact and mighty round cutter!

Size: 145 mm X 24 mm X 40 mm / 5.7 inch X 0.9 inch X 1.6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Aila Perez
Absolutely a must have

This Cute Mini Compass Round Cutter has a design that I adore. It's small and light, and the pastel hues make it even more appealing. It's an absolute must-have for craft enthusiasts. This Mini Compass Round Cutter has incredible precision. It enables me to make perfect circles and rounds for my DIY projects, and its small size makes it great for on-the-go crafting.

Hockey Thompson
Everyone should need this!

Who knew a compass cutter could be so adorable? With its small size and superb cutting powers, this Mini Compass Round Cutter has stolen my heart. It's undoubtedly a new favorite tool in my crafting toolkit.

Stacy Taylor

I can't stop raving about this adorable Mini Compass Round Cutter. It's not only cute but also incredibly functional. This Cute Mini Compass Round Cutter has quickly become my go-to tool for all things circular. Its sharp blade and easy-to-grip handle make it a joy to use, and the results are always picture-perfect. It is very convenient for lining too!

Sky Hornet

This Mini Compass Round Cutter makes crafting a whole lot cuter. It's the perfect tool for producing precise round shapes and adding a whimsical touch to my creations. I adore it!