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Mini Retractable Scissors - Pink

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- Mini appearance without embarrassing
A scissor always appears cold and ruthless. Owning this mini retractable scissor will make carrying it around less awkward.

- Safe to use
The scissor comes with a locker that can be closed without use. It has a compact construction that allows open-and-close tightly and is difficult to hurt accidentally.

- Compatible chic and practical
With the help of acute metal blades, paper can be simply cut easily. The mini-size can be carried around easily. The stylish color scheme conveys a sweet and mischievous vibe.

Size: 65 mm × 50 mm / 2.6 inch × 2 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Corylle Saraspe
Very practical and easy to carry

This mini retractable scissors are practical tools for office or school environments. They are convenient for opening envelopes, cutting out articles, trimming paper, or handling various administrative tasks. Their compact size also makes them suitable for shared spaces or desk organization.

Ayana Gomez
I am so satisfied! ᨐ

This mini retractable scissors are a fantastic addition to anyone's toolkit. Their compactness, portability, and functionality make them a reliable cutting companion for a range of tasks. Whether you need them for crafts, office work, or everyday use, these scissors offer convenience and precision in a small package. I highly recommend this product, the color is cute too!