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Mont Marte Oil Pastels - Set of 12

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Introducing Mont Marte Oil Pastels. They come with a smooth and buttery high-quality texture. Fast drying time allows you to apply layers of paint quickly without messing up your colors. suitable for a range of surfaces, including paper, card, and canvas.

Handy hints:
· Add water to create vibrant effects
· Create sgraffito effects by scratching into thick layers
· Use on canvas and apply oil mediums or turps with a brush to create glazes
· Blend colors with your finger or a brush

Size: 160 mm X 90 mm X 17 mm / 6 inch X 4 inch X 0.7 inch

12 Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Scarlet, Pink, Orchid, Azure, Green, Lime, Burnt Umber, Gray, Black

Customer Reviews

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Dinae Martin
I think I found my holy grail!

These oil pastels have a very pleasant and smooth application. They're very nice to work with and give a smooth buttery texture to your art. Easy to blend and vibrant color palette as well. Would definitely recommend it, and it's a good choice for beginners.

Ronnie Howard

Great for beginner amateurs like myself. These are my favorite oil pastels, The Oil Pastels are a box of bold, blending, beauties, also very good Quality Pastels and easy for anyone to work with.

Marina Wong

Just as I expected. And such great quality! I highly recommend! This oil pastel hits different, it does not smudge and it doesn't make any mess! Such a great product!

Peach Nadal

They are for a friend for Christmas so I'll write another review when she receives and uses them. They appear good quality and they are oil pastels. These are more like traveling pack of oil pastels. Its cute and the oil pastels are solid.