Muji Polycarbonate Sharp Pencil W/Rubber Grip 0.5 mm

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Exceptionally robust polycarbonate is used in the body.

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love the Muji Polycarbonate Sharp Pencil!

The sleek design combined with the reliable functionality makes it a must-have tool for precision writing and sketching. The rubber grip adds an extra layer of comfort during long writing sessions, ensuring a fatigue-free experience. The 0.5mm lead produces crisp, clean lines, perfect for both detailed work and everyday use. Muji's attention to quality shines through in this pencil – it's durable, lightweight, and a joy to hold. If you're looking for a top-notch mechanical pencil, this one is a fantastic choice!

Imelda Cross

A superb writing tool that combines accuracy and comfort in a stylish packaging is the Muji Polycarbonate Sharp Pencil with a 0.5 mm lead and rubber grip. This pencil consistently performs well and makes writing fun, whether I'm taking notes, outlining concepts, or working on minute details. I highly advise anybody looking for a dependable and ergonomic instrument for their writing and artistic efforts to check out the Muji Polycarbonate Sharp Pencil. You may easily and comfortably bring your thoughts to life with the help of this pencil!


The mechanical pencil/pacer looks really nice and it’s aesthetic. Lots of people would like this and there’s a good grip! 5/5

Looks good

Bought by its transparent look. It works like other mechanical pencil.

My thoughts of this product.

This mechanical fits the exact description of what its supposed to be. There is a firm grip, which helps smoothen your drawings and there is a variety of sketches and shades you can do whilst you are using the pencil.
The reason why I am rating this a 4 star is because the pencil breaks very often, which I find quite annoying because when I'm trying to get a firm and good sketch in my art it just breaks, and my pencil came with a small amount.
Please consider the pros and cons before buying this product.
Glad I could give my review. 💗