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Mystery Journal Set - Green Apple Candy

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Delicious Green Apple Candy have magic powers that it conjures mesmerizing mystery sets, wrapped in custom canvas charm. Let us unveil wonders that transcend the boundaries of imagination!

Including at least 18 items, you might find the following Japanese brands included in your set:

KOKUYO, Pentel, Uni-ball, Pilot, MUJI, Zebra, Tombow, PLUS,Sakura,Schneider

Stationery items included but not limited to: Washi Tape, Brush Pen, Gel Pen, Sticky Note, Sticker, Glue Tape, Pen Case, Notebook.


18-20 items: 60%
21-23 items: 35%

Customer Reviews

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Everything was green! <3

I had hoped everything would be green colored but also thought that the different candy themes of the mystery sets might just be tiers for the price since they all cost different amounts and the listing doesn't actually say the items are all green in the description. But to my pleasant surprise everything but the tote bag it came in was green like I wanted!

It came with a cream colored tote bag that zips closed (the size of a adults zippered lunch bag) it has a confetti design and a stationery pal logo on it. It's decently thick material/quality. Inside mine was:
1 zippered pencil case (3 pockets)
1 acrylic card clip
1 pair of mini foldable scissors
1 A5 gingham campus notepad
1 ruler
1 sticky note pad
1 sheet of holo ribbon stickers
1 white out roller tape
1 decoration tape roller (like the glue tape rollers)
1 novelty eraser shaped like an ice cream
1 pentel flat eraser
1 pentel marker
2 mechanical pencils
5 assorted pens (mostly zebra brand)
4 patterned geometric washi tape
I also received a 1.5in flat plastic gem and 2 plastic/arcylic candy charms for filler/decoration in the mystery bag.

I get a mystery bag from stationery pal every few months as a treat and I have to say, this was probably the best quality/had the least amount of unwanted items I have ever received in one so far! With tax included every item rounded out to being a little less than a dollar each for me. None of it is anything that I can't live without but if you work an office job and burn through a lot of pens/stationery like i do this is a fun way to liven up/theme your stationery for the month. I hope they continue to do mystery bags with this level of quality in the future.

jane walts
not bad

not bad