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This rotary cutter can apply on the surface of fabric, paper, felt and vinyl, etc. Perfect for quilters, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Card Making, and other DIY Projects!

  • 3 pieces of straight line blades, 1 piece of skip line blade, and 1 piece of wave line blade.
  • The rotary blade is made from high-quality steel material, features super sharp and long-lasting,
  • Designed with a bearing that reduced friction when the blade rotates and provides effortless push while cutting.
  • Slide lock design securely locks the blade either open or closed. Make sure the use process is secure.

Blades Diameter: 45 mm / 1.8 inch
Cutter Size: 165 mm × 60 mm / 6.5 inch × 2.4 inch

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommended!

Oh my! I am really happy to purchase this rotary cutter because it offers ergonomic benefits. The handles are designed for comfortable grip and control, reducing strain on the hand and wrist. This is particularly important for individuals who spend extended periods cutting or have conditions that affect their grip strength.

Naiah Gibbons

Wow! Another advantage of rotary cutters is their efficiency. The ability to cut through multiple layers at once significantly reduces cutting time, making them a time-saving tool for projects that involve cutting large quantities of fabric or other materials. This efficiency also contributes to more consistent results, as the layers remain aligned during the cutting process.

Bobby Loren
What a great product!

Thank you, SP! Precision is one of the main advantages of rotary cutters. Even through numerous layers of cloth or other materials, the circular blade enables precise and fluid cutting. They are therefore perfect for jobs that need for precise, angular lines or complicated shapes. I love it!

Densen Fernandez
What a masterpiece!

I'm truly glad to own one of these! One of the key benefits of rotary cutters is their precision. The circular blade allows for smooth and accurate cuts, even through multiple layers of fabric or other materials. This makes them ideal for tasks that require clean, straight lines or intricate shapes.

Luna Lovegood
Ideal ❣️

Anyone active in fabric cutting, sewing, quilting, or crafts needs a rotary cutter. These adaptable cutting tools are used by both professionals and enthusiasts because they provide a number of benefits over conventional scissors. Highly recommended!