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Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set - Black

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As one of the most commonly used colors in life, Stationery Pal now presents you with our original bullet journal set themed in BLACK. You can't get your works done without a smooth black pen, a beautiful notebook, and more other items in the set. ✏️

Each stationery from Black Set is carefully hand-picked by Stationery Pal in-house artist, dedicating to bring you the simple joys and beauty of life while providing you a wide range of stationery to create your piece of artwork Black is the color that goes with everything and suitable in every occasion. Get it now and grow your pens collection 🤩

Please be aware that occasionally there may be modest changes to some products.

20 items included:

Kokuyo Pastel Cookie Expandable Pen Case
Plus Norino Double-sided Adhesive Glue Tape - 6 mm x 8 m - Dark Gray
Gold Silver Foil Print Black White Washi Tape Gold Star
Gold Silver Foil Print Black White Washi Tape Sliver Star
Plus Whiper Mr Correction Tape Black
Muji Eraser Large / Black
Muji Cap Type Gel-Ink Pen 0.5 mm Black
Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen Black
Kuretake Zig Brushables Brush Pen - Pure Black 010
Blank Card Black
Planet Sticky Notes Moon
Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Liquid Gel Roller Mellow Color Series - 1.0mm - Silver + Metallic Copper & Green
Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - Vintage Color - 0.5 mm Sepia Black
Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - 0.5 mm Black
Solid Color Grid Washi Tape Black
Black Washi Tape
Hollow Skeleton Binder Paper Clip Silver / Medium
Hardcover Constellation Blank Notebook Black

Customer Reviews

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Courtney Deneris

If you're seeking a comprehensive and stylish bullet journal set that combines functionality with aesthetics, the Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set in Black is undoubtedly worth the purchase. It has become my go-to companion for creative expression, productivity, and staying organized, and I highly recommend it to all stationery enthusiasts out there!

Camilla Zachary

AHHHHHH! THIS IS CHARMING AND HYPNOTIZING! I am in love and impressed how well all of the items in this set are. It is complete and everything is made high-end. I am wishing to buy more with other theme because I am already craving more of this amazing stationery set from Stationery Pal! I am grateful to finally receive one. (●'◡'●)

Georgia Hudsonn
Beauteous ♥.

The set that I have been wishing for has finally come to life. Black never goes out of style, now I understand. Quality is superior, the products or items included are all amazing. I couldn't wish for more, this is the best yet so far! The price is reasonable because come on, look at it! It is one of the best bullet journal set in the world. So much amazed with the product. Thank you, Stationery Pal!

Ramona Hughes

This is absolutely stunning, the set is stimulating! I am jumping for joy and I am very much pleased with the quality. Worth the price, and worth my money. OBSESSED and IMPRESSED! ♡

Monica Allyson MCadden
Exciting and elegant set! ♥️

Just glorious! The black journal set exudes elegance and my heart is in glee. It is beautiful, exciting, and fun. I genuinely expect the price to be higher because the quality is beyond, made me realize how great this company is. I am obsessed, and I want more.