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Tearable Page Marker - Blue

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The ideal assistant for managing your notes is this one! It is every planner's gospel! Its basic idea is comparable to clicking a yes tick in a checkbox. 

Each tag comes in a pre-cut line with two different formations of "Finished" and "Unfinished". Stick it into your planner or to-do list page, once you've completed one of them, tear the edge of the tag off to show that you're done.

When you review your exam error notes, stick them and you will be able to count how many times you have gone over it. It can be also applied to your year planner, in addition to swiftly positioning the day plan, also can check your finished process. Expand your imagination and apply them in more study scenarios.

  • The tag surface can be written.
  • These tags are removable and re-stickable.
  • Each tag is approximately the size of 44 mm × 15 mm.
  • This pack includes 8 types of patterns, each type has 15 sheets, altogether 120 sheets.

Size: 65 mm × 150 mm / 2.6 inch × 6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Natalia Zoe
A Splash of Tranquility

I recently got my hands on the Tearable Page Marker - Blue set, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The blue color is absolutely stunning and brings a sense of tranquility to my study sessions. These page markers are not only visually appealing but also highly practical.

So good item!

The adhesive on the markers is strong enough to keep them securely in place without damaging the pages. I can easily mark important sections in my textbooks or highlight passages in my novels, making it a breeze to find and revisit them later.

Selena Parker
Very versatile and unique!

What I love about the Tearable Page Marker - Blue is its versatility. The calming blue hue goes well with a wide range of book covers, adding a subtle touch of elegance to my reading materials. Whether it's a textbook for studying or a novel for leisure, these markers seamlessly blend in.

Bernice Otto
I love this tearable marker!

I can tear off smaller pieces when I need to mark specific paragraphs or sentences, making it easier to navigate through dense text. Plus, the edges are smooth and don't leave any residue, ensuring that my books stay clean and well-maintained.

Monique Hilbert
Have yours now!

This has become an essential tool in my study routine. It combines style, functionality, and convenience, making it a fantastic addition to any book lover's collection. If you're looking for a way to stay organized while adding a touch of serenity to your reading experience, I highly recommend giving these blue page markers a try.