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Tombow MONO Correction Tape - Pocket Series - Purple

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Introducing the Tombow MONO Correction Tape, which designs with a small rectangular shape "Mono-pocket", and looks like a MONO eraser appearance, each correction tape is portable to carry and easy to use. The correction tape adopted a high-quality tape that can easily adhere to the paper surface. After adhering to the paper, it can perfectly cover the miswritten content. Also, the correction tape contains a full cover cap, which makes the tape head fully covered with a cap. Not only does not damage the head of the correction tape when carrying but also can keep dust away.

  • Square shape· Full cover cap
  • High-adhesion, high-quality
  • Including 5 MONO colors: white black, blue, purple, and pink

Width: 5mm
Length: 4m

Customer Reviews

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Clyde Oregon
PRETTY! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

I love the tape's color, and the convenience is such a blessing. It’s strong and resists tearing and breaking that usual correction tapes are prone to. It has a simple side-application design that improves visibility as you apply it on paper. It helps with precise and smooth application without any mess.


I am immediately won over by the Tombow MONO Correction Tape - Pocket Series - Purple. It lays down correction tape just where you want it with nothing more than a gentle touch. This is highly recommended! The tape's body is comfortable to use and it is easy to transfer tapes on paper. It is consistent and smooth.

Not good but great! 💯

The lightweight Tombow MONO Correction Tape - Pocket Series - Purple tape is easier to transport. Portability is also affected by whether or not the tape can be capped or otherwise protected. If a tape can’t be capped, it’s more likely to be damaged, or to damage the other contents of your pen case. That's why I am very happy to know that it has a full cover cap to elude damage. The quality is really good too!