Zebra Clickart Retractable Sign Pen - 0.6 mm - 12 Color Set PL

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Zebra has developed and adopted a new ink that absorbs moisture in the air. As the humidity changes, it absorbs and evaporates water repeatedly, keeping it in an appropriate state, so the pen tip does not dry. (*)

*Zebra test: No scratches under conditions of temperature 20°C and humidity 60% (52 weeks when the pen tip is stored) Always use the pen tip after use.

Convenient retractable type

Since it is a retractable type that can be used immediately, it is easy to change pens. You can choose a lot of your favorite colors from the 12 color variations and enjoy writing.

This set includes 12 colors: Light gray, Lemon, Lime, Light khaki, Sand beige, Brown sugar, Veil rose, Powder pink, Lilac, Blueberry ice cream, Soda blue, Powder blue

Customer Reviews

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Lovely marker pens

These pens are similar to papermate flairs with the convenience of click mechanism.
The nib is quite firm but will squish over time if you are heavy handed. Lovely colours- nearly completed the set!

Noah Santibanez
Great set of pens!

If anyone else is looking for a non gel pen that has precision then this will be your favorite sign pen of all time. It is very easy to change pens when needed. The standard it sets is wonderful and the writing experience becomes exciting every time I use this sign pens!

Philane Sandoval

I love these pens! I have slowly acquired all three sets. I like that they don't have caps and are instead retractable, the nib makes a nice line, they come in great variety of colors, and the white body with the color "clicker" at the top has a nice appearance as well.

Sandy Rei
I am so obsessed with these Zebra Clickart Retractable Sign Pen!

These work really great on all different kinds of paper and just as great after 5ish months of decent use. One thing I say is to be careful with these if you have a super heavy hand like me. Anyway, the quality is just wow!