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🌷Get A Free Dainty Floral Gel Pen For Order Over 40USD

🌷Get A Free Dainty Floral Gel Pen For Order Over 40USD

Summer sometimes makes me feel a little tired and drained. Maybe it was the sound of cicadas in the courtyard that made it hard to concentrate, or the beads of sweat on my skin all the time, or the busy traffic on the way to work with all kinds of noises. I don’t know. So I plan to do something that makes me feel good. Like lying on the living room floor feeling the cold tile, binge eating ice cream or going to the beach in the evening, wearing a simple floral dress and soaking my feet in the sea water while watching a sunset. These simple things can blow my tiredness away and make summer more memorable and fun. While I was still reminiscing about the sunset on the beach, I looked at my floral dress that was wet from the sea, I couldn't contain my smile anymore and a bright idea popped into my mind. Dainty floral gel pen will be the stationery I pick for you this month.

From 07 July through 14 June, any order over $40 is guaranteed to receive a dainty floral gel pen. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now! And be the lucky one to get this beautiful pen!

13 comments on 🌷Get A Free Dainty Floral Gel Pen For Order Over 40USD
  • Amira

    That’s cool

    July 08, 2023
  • Romely Liriano
    Romely Liriano

    Either way I’ve never ordered from stationary pal I just like putting things in my cart. I promise one day I will order from stationary pal it’s just that I don’t have money.like- nothing at all. either way I like getting your free digital planners they’re very easy to use. keep up the good work!♥️

    July 10, 2023
  • aakriti tripathi
    aakriti tripathi
    i really like the strawberries painted on the dainty floral gel pen..the pen is so pretty
    July 10, 2023
  • Gaia

    Wow! Such good quality pencils, how thoughtful of Stationary Pal! Will definentky come back here for future stationary needs!😁

    July 10, 2023
  • Afrin Aktar
    Afrin Aktar

    This pen looks soo pretty love that

    July 10, 2023
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