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Get A Free Tombow Mono Eraser For This New Year!

by Stationery Pal Team on January 14, 2021

Hey Pals,

Happy New Year! We want to celebrate this New Year with you and during this period, every 40+ dollars deal will get a free Tombow Mono eraser from us! Show Now!

Time: 13 Jan 2021 00:00 (GMT +8) - 23 Jan 2021 23:59 (GMT +8)

Stationery Pal

by Sofía Amaral on February 03, 2021

Excelent products, I love it

by Jhonatan on February 03, 2021

esta muy bueno

by Escarlin Tavárez on February 03, 2021

wonderful page

by lara on January 24, 2021

stationery pal is the best stationery shop online. i am able to order some of the best stationery online for such a good price!

by Sabrina Kacem on January 24, 2021

This is my favorite page!
this is my favorite page! you sell ink and paper dreams to people like me!
thanks for your work!♡

by melissa on January 20, 2021

Hapy new year stationery pal :)

by Di Cappello Morena on January 18, 2021

It’s a wonderful world 😍🥰😍

by Silvia Lorena Castañeda Vega on January 17, 2021

I love everything about your store, its quality, its products, everything

by Jaret Baños on January 17, 2021


by Melissa on January 17, 2021

gracias por todo.

by Jamilet Bega on January 17, 2021

Happy New Years !!

by Catherine on January 17, 2021

Stationery Pal is a truly inspiring brand, packaging every order delicately with love,passion and dedication.That is what makes Stationery Pal a special and professional brand.

by Eric on January 17, 2021

This pague is incredible❤️

by yareli on January 17, 2021

I love stationery pal sooo much!! Their stuff is really great quality and they are my favorite online stationery store.

by Leanne Bouderbala on January 17, 2021

I ordered two times and i always get surprised with the quality of the product (the prices are very cheap) and the packaging is very beautifull

by Lucia Salinas on January 17, 2021

I’d like too much my presents of Stationery Pal.

by Vénantia Basimika on January 17, 2021

Dear Stationnery pal,
I am actually one of your biggest fan and I really like your products so I really like to get the Tombow Eraser.

Of course I wish to the staff a Happy New Year!!

by Carlota on January 17, 2021

I love ststionery pal

by Julianna on January 17, 2021

This is honestly the best day ever, even getting a free eraser excites me

by hannah stevenson on January 17, 2021

this is the most amazing website it has everything i could ever want its so good

by Miriam on January 17, 2021

I think Stationary Pal is great because you can find a lot of things and every month their gallery is full with more and more products. I really love it

by Dulce Lunna on January 17, 2021

Excelent page!

by lara on January 17, 2021

This is amazing i absolutely love your products!!!


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